There are several things to be aware of before uploading your PDF. First of all, it's important that your file is named ’.pdf’. It's not all operating systems that add this automatically Apple's Mac's for example doesn't always. If your PDF file hasn't got the name '.pdf' it doesn't work with OnSiteCatalog.

The name of the file must also ONLY contain the letters a-z, A-Z and numbers 0-9. If your file contains special characters or space it isn't sure that it will work with OnSiteCatalog.

rigtigt_forkert_dk.gifAvoid dual display
Many PDF publications have dual display and cannot be converted to an OnSiteCatalog. Therefore remember to create your pdf with continous pages like the example on the left.

Convert to RGB
To get the best result your PDF should be in RGB-colors. Many PDF's are made in CMYK-colors. To convert the file with Acrobat Professional go to Tools > Print Production > Convert Colors. If you're using Acrobat Professional 8 you must go to Advanced > Print Production > Convert Colors.
(It works with CMYK)

No retrieval marks
Your PDF must not contain retrieval marks. If it does it will show on OnSiteCatalog.