Terms & conditions

1. Parties
The following terms and conditions apply to any person subscribing to and/or using OnSiteCatalog and purchasing extra features. These persons will hereafter be referred to as the Client. The use of OnSiteCatalog constitutes an agreement between the Client and OnSiteCatalog.com Aps (hereafter referred to as OnSiteCatalog.com).

2. Contract
These terms and conditions apply both to OnSiteCatalog and its extra features. The terms and conditions also apply to any dispute between the Client and OnSiteCatalog.com unless otherwise agreed.

3. Conclusion of the contract
In order to use OnSiteCatalog, the Client must have a registered account. The Client is responsible for providing authentic and accurate name, address and phone number and agrees to provide a valid email address for OnSiteCatalog.com to use for forwarding all electronic information.
The Client also agrees to inform OnSiteCatalog about any changes in personal informations including the given email address. The Client is entitled by this contract to withdraw within 14 working days from the date the OnSiteCatalog account becomes active.
The right to withdraw per catalog is cancelled whenever a pdf upload is initiated. The Cleint is also fully responsible for uploading the correct pdf file.

4. E-mail
All informations will be sent electronically to the Client's email address entered at the registration. The Client will receive the informations in the form of html texts or as an attached file. To access the PDF files, the client can use the free programme Adobe Reader. As a rule, any written material will therefore be sent electronically.
By the conclusion of this contract the Client accepts that OnSiteCatalog.com sends materials electronically. The Client agrees to keep himself informed at the email address given at the registration.

5. Responsibility and confidentiality
The Client is responsible for keeping his password and login information safe and is responsible for any actions made by thirds parties using the Client's account. Therefore, the Client will be held responsible for any unauthorised use of his OnSiteCatalog account.
If the Client loses his user information or if the Client becomes aware of unauthorised use or possible use of his OnSiteCatalog account the Client is obliged to contact OnSiteCatalog.com who will block the current account and forward new user information. In the event of third party abuse of the customer's subscription, it is for the customer to prove this.
OnSiteCatalog.com only shares the Client's information when it is acquired by law or agreed with the Client. This include for example sharing the Client's phone number with information offices or the like. OnSiteCatalog.com does not disclose the clients' personal information to third parties unless related to purchase of/or sale of third parties' services.

6. Terms of payment
It is a prerequisite for the subscription that the customer signs up for payment by debit card or other payment cards, which are approved by OnSiteCatalog.com and PBS. Subscription based services and installing prices will be billed prior to the end of current subscription period. The subscription period is selectable when purchasing and recurring.

OnSiteCatalog.com will issue a new invoice for the upcoming subscription period at the beginning of the new subscription period to the Client by e-mail. This invoice will be withdrawn automatically on the customer's credit card three days after the new invoice has been issued. The Client has thereby always an opportunity to contact OnSiteCatalog.com before payment if the Client thinks there are any errors or shortcomings in the bill.
If the customer's credit card is rejected OnSiteCatalog.com is entitled to charge for the transmission of moves and surcharges.

OnSiteCatalog.com is using a subcontractor which is approved by PBS International and PBS for online payment. By automatically withdrawing from the debit card the Client's debit card information will not be stored with OnSiteCatalog.com but with the subcontractor.
If the card is declined the Client is responsible for making a new sign up with a new debit card. This is done through "My Account".
At the conclusion of this agreement the Client gives OnSiteCatalog.com permission to carry out recurring payments on the Client's credit card in accordance with the above.

OnSiteCatalog.com is entitled to disable the Client's OnSiteCatalog account and or individual services purchased until payment is in order. The contractual relationship will remain binding irrespective of the Client's payment status. If OnSiteCatalog.com disables the Client's account because of missing payment the lost subscription will not be reimbursed.
OnSiteCatalog.com is entitled to charge an administrative amount for issuing reminders and for the transmission of cases to the recovery of debts.
OnSiteCatalog.com only sends out electronic bills to the Client.

The above payment applies regardless of whether there is a separate agreement concluded with OnSiteCatalog.com on payment via third parties.

7. Prices and billings
OnSiteCatalog.com will at any time charge the current fees for subscription and consumption determined by the client's subscription. In addition to this OnSiteCatalog.com can charge for extra features ordered by the Client.
Prices are without VAT. Prices in () VAT is included.
Information on the fees and charges is available at www.onsitecatalog.com. Changes in prices are subject to the same conditions as changes in terms and conditions - see Item 10.
Prices are given in DKK, EUR, GBP and USD under their given languages. Payments can be made with Dankort, VISA, MasterCard and JCB.

8. Breaches
Violation of any of the terms and conditions may result in the immediate termination of the contract with OnSiteCatalog.com without any further notice.
One or more of the following items are in the area of non-fulfilment:
  • Violation of the laws applicable including distribution of racist messages and pictures flattening minorities.
  • Incorrect or insufficient informations.
  • Declined payments.
If OnSiteCatalog.com interrupt the subscription as a result of a non-fulfilment OnSiteCatalog.com will inform the customer on the cause. The Client is not entitled to a refusal of the subscription fees as a result of a non-fulfilment.

9. Termination
The Client may terminate this agreement with a 30 working days notice before the expiry of the subscription. The termination shall be made to OnSiteCatalog.com through www.onsitecatalog.com. OnSiteCatalog.com hereafter forward a confirmation of the termination.
By OnSiteCatalog.com's notification of changes to the terms and conditions, prices or product changes the Client is in this notofication period entitled to terminate the subscription.
Such a termination shall be made at the end of the notification period with a notice of at least 14 calendar days regardless of any subscription period and regardless of the normal notice period - see OnsiteCatalog.com's terms of subscription.
To cancel the recurring subscription of a catalog, it must be deleted before the beginning of a new subscription period. If a new subscription period is begun the amount will be charged on the Clients credit card. Any remaining subscription will not be refunded.

10. Amendments to the terms of subscription
OnSiteCatalog.com reserves its right to modify the terms and conditions, fees and charges and products with 30 days notice. In the case of deterioration of the Client's conditions information will be send out to the Client electronically. In some cases the Client is entitled to terminate his subscription as a result of changes to the subscription terms - see item 9.
The Client is responsible for regularly reviewing the terms and conditions, the fees and charges and products of OnSiteCatalog.com.

11. Compensation conditions
OnSiteCatalog.com cannot be held responsible for the following:
  • Direct and indirect losses caused by maintenance, disruption, interruption or failure of hardware which is hosting OnSiteCatalog.com.
  • The Client's use of third party support, and unauthorized access to customer data.
  • The full or partial lack of access to OnSiteCatalog.com's benefits if this was outside of OnSiteCatalog.com' s control referred to as Force Majeure. Force Majeure may be, but are not limited to, lightning, floods, terrorism, fire, war, strikes, lock-outs and power outs including strike and lockout among OnSiteCatalog.com 's own employees, and the congestion of the network, errors in others' networks and systems.

12. Disputes & Complaints
The customer can appeal in writing to OnSiteCatalog.com. OnSiteCatalog.com will within a month deal with the complaint and make a decision.