Flash catalogue from OnsiteCatalog.com

Publish your printed matters online
OnSiteCatalog allows you to put your printed material online while avoiding the stump and flat PDFs on your website.

OnSiteCatalog is easy and user-friendly. Our online catalogue makes no requirements for IT skills or maintenance. You upload only a PDF to OnSiteCatalog, then convert your PDF print to a "OnSiteCatalog" - automatically. Finally, you get a link to be put into your website.

Most of your customers
OnSiteCatalog turns your printed matter to the exciting, interactive and graphic challenging online flash catalogues. And not least, a user-friendly experience for your users. They can page in your OnSiteCatalog, as they would do, in fact, by using three-dimensional effects.

Future print, electronic, and with OnSiteCatalog your printed out professionally.